The SECHS DELTA training programme is designed for young and talented as well as experienced managers from organisations of every description: commercial enterprises, NPOs, hospitals, architecture firms, schools, universities and colleges, theatres, chamber, etc. pp

Your actual position in the company in the company is of no relevance for the training programme itself – only your volition to work on eye-to-eye level counts. Other than that there are two further prerequisites for your participation:

First: You should already have been in contact with management tasks – either as a manager or as the person preparing him/herself to be one. But exceptions confirm the rule, e.g. in case of especially qualified students, who do not fulfil management tasks in their main profession but in an engagement running parallel to their studies.

Second: Your are eager to change something. Development means change. Only you can improve yourself – from your own strengths and potentials. Off course we support your development with all our strengths, experiences and competences.

Long story short: You must really want it.

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